Home Improvement · January 14, 2020

5 Tips On Cleaning Wooden Furniture To Always Look New

Many people choose furniture from wood rather than furniture from other materials. Nature which hold long, remains a classic of the future to the past as well as easy to pair with furniture other makes furniture wood soone of the most popular in the arrangement of the interior of the house.

But if the treatment is not right, wood can be weathered and look dull. Can you include a fan timber, follow these five tips is to make furniture lastinglonger, as quoted from the Times of India.

5 Tips On Cleaning Wooden Furniture To Always Look New

credit: https://www.realhomes.com/

1. Avoid wood from spills of water or body liquid else such as alcohol, food or cosmetic form of liquid. Because if the furniture is exposed to spillage of liquid more than one minute, the liquid that would seep into the surface of the wood and left a stain that will be difficult to clean.

2. Keep furniture that is always clean from dust and dirt because it will make the surface of the wood looks weathered and dirty. Using a mini vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush at the end is quite effective at removing dust and dirt. Can also use a cloth that is given a little special oil cleaning wood so that the surface is more shiny .

3. For the furniture is wood that is not lacquered, wipe using a cloth that is soaked with a mixture of water warm and soapy formula gently. Use fabrics that to wipe each piece of wood. Then dry it immediately with a drycloth to prevent the wood from absorbing too much moisture which can make it easily weathered.

4. If exposed to sticky stains, wipe with a wet cloth and then scrub immediately using a dry cloth. Do not let the rag soaked located in furniture wood too long because it can damage the surface of the wood.

5. Wood who divernish must be lined with waxed or polished every year to make it still sparkles. In addition it also protects the surface of the wood from moisture and dust.