Home Improvement · January 19, 2020

7 First Things That Guests Notice When Visiting The House

What is the first thing you will do before you have a guest or family visiting the house? Usually someone will prepare the best thing to be served to guests or family who will come home. Whether it’s food, drinks served, to the room that must be neat and clean.

Whatever event is held, the thing that is still considered before guests arrive is cleanliness and neatness. However, it turns out there are some other things that are considered by guests when visiting the house. As reported by MyDomaine, here are seven things that guests notice while in your home.

1. Spatial Planning and Air Flow

When entering a house, air flow that is owned and the placement of furniture can be the most visible thing because more space is used. There are people who are uncomfortable with the layout of furniture that does not fit, such as paintings that are installed too high, large clocks that are placed too narrow, to several displays jostling on the table.

7 First Things That Guests Notice When Visiting The House

credit: https://www.cnbc.com/

There are guests who unconsciously begin to arrange in their minds how the arrangement should be done. There is also a pay attention to how the cohesion between the air flow in each room.

Tip: Limit color schemes from room to room. If you are still in doubt, you can remove some furniture or items in the room so that the air flow improves.

2. Cleanliness

There is indeed a reason why every family or guest comes to the house, you become a little stressed with the condition of the house which sometimes looks messy.

Cleanliness is indeed the main point seen by the guests, especially if the guest is actually a person who is crazy about cleanliness and tidiness. A messy condition or a less orderly layout can make them a little upset. Conversely, there are some who feel better because they compare these conditions with the conditions of their own homes. Tips: When there guests will come, a time for cleaning quickly and efficiently everything was falling apart.

3. Art and Books

People always want to know what homeowners like to display. This can show what their hobbies, what culture they have, to how the personality of the owner of the house. Some people pay attention to what is installed on the wall of the room and fill the shelves in your room. With this, they can guess what the owner of the house visited or how the items in the room reflect your personality.

Tip: Choose some of your favorite books to display on your bookshelves or art objects, such as paintings, sculptures or calligraphy that you like and reflect your personality.

4. Aroma and Odor

Does your home have an inviting fragrance, like the fragrance of food being cooked in the kitchen or aromatherapy candles? Or maybe even the smell of stale food or the smell of cat sand that hasn’t been replaced?

Each house has a distinctive fragrance that makes guests will remember it when several times visited. Yes, they are very concerned about it, even though it smells. So, make the room fragrant at all times so that guests feel comfortable.

Tip: 10 to 15 minutes before guests arrive, you can burn aromatherapy candles or essential oils. If you want to bother a little, you can cook something in the oven. Do not forget, if indeed your room emits an unpleasant odor, immediately find the cause.

5. Light Source

Not only the natural light from the window, guests will even pay attention to other light and how the light is arranged in a room. Some people even pay attention to the difference of each light they have, such as the dusk light from the window, the candlelight, the lamp from the television, to the light that illuminates the sink glass. Every light can set the atmosphere in all rooms in the house.

The same room will have a different atmosphere based on changes in light. Tip: If guests visit in the morning until late afternoon when the sun is still shining, open the window curtains so that natural light can enter. At night, adjust the light so it is not too bright or not too dim.

6. Room Paint

Unless you use neutral colors, guests will usually pay more attention to what color of room paint in your home. You can even decide on the color of the room paint based on how people will come to your house. Tip: Use neutral paints, such as white, gray, or cream and their derivatives for rooms that guests will often see.

7. Plant

Plant is the seventh thing that is often seen by guests. How plants are seen from the room and what plants are displayed indoors in your home are quite often noticed by guests. Tip: Always pay attention to how the condition of the plants that you put in the room. Replace immediately if the plants die / wilt or clean if many leaves or petals fall out.