Home Improvement · January 23, 2020

7 Tips For Choosing A Child’s Bed

Mattresses and beds have an important role in determining the quality of your child’s sleep. Peek how to choose the best children’s bed here! A child needs 8 to 12 hours of rest. This time is very important for a child’s health.

When you are asleep, the blood supply to the muscles in your child’s body increases, their energy returns to recover, faster tissue and nerve growth. Not only that, hormones important for mental and physical health of children released by the brain.

That is why the better the quality of their sleep, the better the growth. In fact, research shows that most children who are fussy and difficult to manage during the day, on average, do not equip themselves with good sleep quality.

7 Tips For Choosing A Child's Bed

One of the most important supporting factors in maintaining a child’s sleep quality is a comfortable bed. Here is how to choose a child’s bed for the best quality of rest.

Pay attention to the size of the child’s bed

Before buying a child’s mattress to take home, make sure the size is in accordance with the height and weight of your child. Mattress that is too small and narrow will make your child uncomfortable so that sleep will not sleep.

While a bed that is too big is not the right choice for the handyman to stay still. Unconsciously, their brains will feel sleeping on a very wide place so that even though they have reached the side of the mattress, they still keep rolling while sleeping. This is dangerous because it can cause them to fall from the mattress.

Smart to choose the model of a child’s bed

Tips on choosing a second child bed is intended for your child who is easily lost focus. Curiousness is an instinct that all children have, since they are babies and even grow up to be teenagers.

That is why you are advised not to choose a child’s bed that is too flashy or oddly shaped. Like a car-shaped mattress, for example. Although it looks attractive and makes children not get bored quickly in the room, this mattress will provoke their desire to continue playing,

This can make them difficult to sleep at night because it is distracted. Choose a bed that is simple but still comfortable, move the decorations and decorations on the mattress to the other corner of the room so your child sleep soundly without interruption.

Choose a bed mattress

The level of hardness or tenderness of the mattress on the child’s bed must be considered. As we already know, whether or not a child’s growth is determined by the number of hours of sleep at night. Mattresses that are too hard will be bad for their backbones, even many parents who do not realize their child has scoliosis because of it.

Consider security

When choosing a child’s bed, do not forget their safety, yes, mother! Most can not be silent when sleeping. Their bodies, especially their feet and hands, can be thrown everywhere and hit the sides or ends of the bed. To reduce the risk, it’s better to choose a child’s bed without sharp, hard edges or corners.

Child-level bed

If you already have more than one child and have a level mattress, maybe this one tip can be considered. Choose a sturdy bed, which means do not buy a mattress made of aluminum or metal.

Mattresses made from the above materials tend to corrode more quickly so that in a short amount of time, child-level beds may be dilapidated while in use. Choose a level mattress made of thick wood or steel, adjust the size and support of the height and weight of your child.

Also note the gap between the bottom and top mattresses. Choose a level bed with a middle gap big enough so that children who sleep on the bottom mattress will not feel tight due to crush.