5 Important Things To Look For When Cleaning Your Home

5 Important Things To Look For When Cleaning Your Home

Many women who use the weekend to clean the house to make it look neater and not dusty. Some of them do not pay too much attention to the small things when doing it, the important thing is clean quickly. If you often do the cleaning in the wrong way it can accelerate the damage to property at home. Here are five important things to consider when cleaning the house.

1. Cleaning the Window During Hot Weather

Cleaning the window when the weather is hot during the day should also be avoided. “The sun’s heat makes the glass dry quickly when cleaned so that it can leave stains scratched on the glass,” said Liz Trotter, owner of American Maid Cleaning in Olympia, Washington.

5 Important Things To Look For When Cleaning Your Home
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The best time to clean the glass is when it is cloudy and not too hot. Pour special window glass soap onto the glass surface, let stand for about one minute. Then rub gently using a non-sticky sponge. Avoid using rough sponges that can make the glass blister.

2. Do not Forget to Put the Box in Every Room

So that it is not easy to mess again after cleaning, do not forget to put the box in each room. The container is to help you put things scattered about to make it look neat, especially if you already have children. Often children leave their toys scattered after playing.

The presence of the basket or box can make it easier for you to store all your baby’s toys. Go to the store to buy various types of colorful boxes or boxes that can also function as chairs to be placed in the room and living room. You also need to put a small box in the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Use of Sponge

Do you know that the use of sponges that are not right can accelerate the damage of goods? Therefore, pay attention to its use. Yellow sponge for rubbing easily blisters. While the green coating is not used on objects such as plastic, ceramics, or items that are easily scratched.

The coating is specifically for rubbing rough surfaces such as under a pan or grill. When used to wash bathtubs or other objects that have a smooth surface can make these items easily damaged and blisters.

4. One Carpet

Cleaning At beverages such as soft drink syrups or spilled onto the carpet, women often direct them with a way of scrubbing spills. This method should be avoided because it can damage the fur on the carpet and leave stains that are difficult to disappear.

The right way to clean it is by taking a spoon and lifting a pile of spilled water into a dirty glass. Then take a towel made from a towel, place it on the spill until the water absorbs into the cloth. Press the towel so that water quickly seeps into it. After that, take a special product to clean the carpet and wipe with a cloth gently. Make sure the product is not going to fade the color of your carpet.

5. Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom is usually one of the areas that you don’t really like to do the cleaning. But actually this place is one that must be your priority. Cleaning the bathroom does not have to be done for hours.

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