Home Improvement · January 15, 2020

5 Inspiration For Teenage Bedrooms

Each child’s tastes will change dramatically over time, especially during the transition from childhood to adolescence. Changes in the order of teenage bedrooms can not be avoided in order to adjust to the desires of the beloved baby .

Remodeling the total interior and furniture of teenage bedrooms will cost a lot. Therefore, Kania wants to share some contemporary teenage bedroom inspirations that you can realize only by rearranging some areas in your bedroom.

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Teen Bedroom for Those Who are Rarely in The Room

Some teenagers prefer to do outdoor activities, whether spending time with friends or attending extracurricular activities at school. As a result, teenage bedrooms tend to be used only for sleeping and storing personal objects .


credit: https://www.contemporist.com/

Teenage bedrooms suitable for them are minimalist style rooms with soft mattresses and a study table. You just need to rearrange the room and store things that are not used anymore to get a new atmosphere.

Reuse old furniture

Do not rush to throw away all the old furniture when rearranging teenage bedrooms. Some of the main furniture such as beds and study tables you can use again.

To fit the new teenage bedroom design, try repainting the bed or changing the decorations on the study table. Add rugs for a warmer atmosphere. Some collections of children’s toys can also be recycled into decorations as well as mementos in the future.

Lay colors for teenage bedrooms

Today’s teenage bedrooms often look minimalist or don’t use much decoration . That’s also one of the reasons why you need to play colors when deciding on a design.

If the teenage bedroom walls are white, then use furniture with bright colors such as all blue or red. Want to be more extreme? Try using yellow or blue for the walls. The color play in the teenage bedroom will also make it easier for teens to rearrange the room as they grow up without having to replace many elements.

Teen bedroom with private area

Although generally only used for rest or sleep at night, in fact teenage bedrooms are also used as a place to relax, run a hobby, even work. Make sure the teenage bedroom has a private area needed by teenagers. For example, a comfortable reading area with a comfortable chair or an area to assemble and display favorite figures.

If they have certain hobbies or interests, it can also be a decoration idea. For example a teenage bedroom decorated with musical note wall stickers , murals smelling of music, and displays of various musical instruments above.

Teen bedroom ready to welcome friends

At the age of adolescence, teenage bedrooms are often a gathering place to play or do school work. Therefore, rearrange the room to be more spacious so that it includes additional mattresses such as air mattresses or mattresses when his friends spend the night. Prioritizing laying furniture as a solution for space efficiency.

Finally, you can get a contemporary teen bedroom easily. However, it must be adapted to the needs and preferences of the child. Hopefully the bedroom for new teenagers can improve the quality of night sleep too!