Home Improvement · January 31, 2020

5 Multifunctional Reading Room Ideas

For those of you who like to read, surely you want to have a comfortable personal space , a place where you can spend time reading, and storing your collection of books. But, that does not mean you have to provide a special room to build a library, you can really use the corners in every room in your house for you to make a reading room.

This time, we will provide information about the corners of the house that you can turn into a reading room. Because when you read you need enough concentration, the six corners of this reading room are quite calm and conducive for reading. Come on, just refer to anywhere the corner of the reading room!

1. The corner of the reading room in the family room

There are several practical ways to make a corner of the reading room in the family room. The first is to follow the arrangement of the reading room in the bedroom using the built-in storage bookshelf . You just need to place a long soft sofa between this bookshelf. Bookshelves can be placed around the room.

Second, you can create a more private and isolated reading room by using an open bookshelf as a dividing wall. This method can make the reading room function optimally in a small room.

The last is by placing a bookshelf hanging in a corner of the living room with an armchair ( armchair ) were comfortable and decorative lights that aesthetic .

2. Window nook in the bedroom as a reading room

Aspects that need to be considered in designing the ideal reading room are the lighting and air exchange aspects. For that, you can place the reading room in the bedroom close to the window facing outside. Natural light and air from the outside that passes through the ventilation gap makes the atmosphere of the reading room become cooler and calming.

To get maximum comfort you can also hang a lazy chair there. If from the beginning you have planned to make a reading room in the bedroom, then you should apply the concept of built-in storage design . Built-in storage utilizes the bedroom wall area as a storage and display rack or uses a storage bench . Playing the depth of field so that it can hold more goods. The part that protrudes into the wall you can use as a corner of the reading room.

3. Hallway home can also be a comfortable reading room!

If you are confused to fill the hall of your house that is quite long and spacious, you can use it as a reading room. We recommend that you use a bookshelf attached to the wall so as not to disturb movement in this transition room. Use patterned rugs to characterize this reading room.

4. Take advantage of the area that is not used as a reading room

Surely in your house there are only remaining areas that are difficult to maximize the function of your space, such as the attic, the bottom of the stairs, or parts of the room that have diagonal fields. Places like that, perfect for use as a corner of the reading room. Its isolated location makes this reading room a quite hidden and comfortable place.

5. Educational angle in the child’s playroom

The reading room in a child’s playroom should be designed as attractive as possible to increase children’s interest in reading. Place the books on a shelf placed in the center of the room so they are interested in picking them up. Also apply the theme of decorating a lively children’s playroom and the selection of attractive furniture such as a reading room corner in the form of a tent decorated with a variety of pillows and cute dolls .