5 Secrets That Can Make A Small Living Room Look Spacious

5 Secrets That Can Make A Small Living Room Look Spacious

Most ideas for manipulating a small living room to make it look spacious is to give the effect of a trick of the eye, this aims to show the room look more spacious. Such strategies can change areas that feel cramped and cramped into more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

One key is the way to maximize light and space, in addition to note the use of color, size and weight. This can make a difference. You don’t need to feel inferior if you have a small living room, how come you can make it wider! Here are some of Kania’s favorite ways to make your living room feel more spacious.

Use Mirror as a Decoration in a Small Living Room

5 Secrets That Can Make A Small Living Room Look Spacious
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The designers like to make the mirror as one way to create the illusion of a large space. You can place mirrors strategically in several places to make a small living room look bigger. One of the most common ideas that is often used for small living rooms is to hang a large mirror in a central or central location to create a focal point.

The mirror serves to reflect light and add a pleasant atmosphere, you can put it behind a light source such as a lamp or candle. If possible, position a mirror across the window so that it can reflect views and give the illusion of another window in your small living room.

Direct Attention Up

A room has both horizontal and vertical dimensions. If your living room has high ceilings, take advantage of the extra space by decorating it in a way that draws attention to the top. Using a type of curtain or long curtains to touch the floor is one way.

Another idea is to fill vertical space by hanging art from small to medium sizes. This technique will make the room feel bigger than it really is, because people who visit will look at the artwork. The work of art in question can be in the form of paintings which are hung rather high, sculptures, or lamp posts which are slim and tall in shape.

Use Neutral Color for Small Living Rooms

One of the most popular ideas for small living rooms is the use of neutral colors on walls, floors, ceilings and upholstery in furniture. An off-white or beige color palette will create the impression of a spacious room with illusions that press against the wall. Soft colors also help provide light for your small living room because it will reflect light.

White can be the right choice for a small living room because this color can spread light evenly throughout the room, so the room looks more spacious. In addition, a neutral palette gives an instant pleasant impression and creates a calming environment compared to other colors.

Choose Lightweight Furniture

When you shop for furniture, consider the visual weights. The concept of visual weight refers to the weight that can be felt based on the size, color and design of an object. Choose furniture with pieces that have a light appearance for a small living room, because objects that have large pieces and seem heavy will narrow the space.

You can also consider choosing furniture with a pale color over a dark one. In addition, choose furniture that has legs and avoid box shaped. If you are thinking of buying a coffee table for a small living room, choose a coffee table made of glass.

A coffee table with glass material will take up less visual space than wood, because transparent glass allows you to see the other side. Any furniture or decoration that does not block the view will make a small living room look more open and certainly more spacious.

Choose Small Furniture

The list of ideas for creating the illusion of a spacious room in a small living room would not be complete without this one recommendation. You can choose furniture that doesn’t feel too strong. Avoid large furniture that gives the impression of dominating the room. Sofas with thin armrests and solid backrests are more suitable for small living rooms compared to sofas that have large armrests and padded back cushions.

If your living room has such a small size, like an apartment living room, you can remove the sofa chair option from the living room furniture. Remove the sofa from your small living room and choose the type of soft chair with a smaller shape.

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