5 Tips To Make The Bathroom Look Bigger

5 Tips To Make The Bathroom Look Bigger

When the holidays arrive, some people prefer at home to tidy up or change the decor of the living room and other spaces, including the bathroom. Many women spend me time in the bathroom doing body treatments. However, some of them pay less attention to bathroom decor so that comfort is reduced.

Bathroom that looks spacious will make you more comfortable when cleaning yourself. Here are tips on changing bathroom decor so that a small space looks more spacious.


1. Color Options

Choose a bathroom color that is aligned between the floor and walls. Similarly, the selection of colors in the tub, bathtub, bucket and sink is recommended to stay in a similar color palette.

For example, white flooring, you should give a matching nuance to all decorations including your bathroom equipment. As quoted from Boldsky, if you apply a contrasting color in the bathroom then the space will seem smaller.

2. Application of the Floor

Another tip for making the bathroom seem more spacious is the application of the floor in all areas. If you have more budget, the wall can also be given tiles to approach the roof. This is one of the tricks to make the bathroom more comfortable.

5 Tips To Make The Bathroom Look Bigger
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3. Push the Limits

Some people have wet and dry bathroom areas. However, do not distinguish the floor material to reinforce the boundaries because it can make the bathroom smaller.

Keep using a similar floor only needs to be handled between wet and dry areas. Siasati uses a glass door that still makes the bathroom look spacious.

4. Large Mirror

Mirror can make a narrow room become wider. Choose a mirror that is large in size so that the entire bathroom can be seen. The ideal side for putting a mirror that will give a broad impression is across the window.

5. Lighting

Choose a good lighting for the bathroom. If you have a window, open it every morning to get outside lighting. Good lighting in the bathroom can make you more comfortable when cleaning yourself.

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