Home Improvement · February 1, 2020

5 Doors And Windows to Make You Extra Safe at Home.

Security is that number one thing I look for in a home, you know.. the one where I and my family spend most of our time? I assume most of you would agree. So what are the first things come to your mind when we talk about home security? Yes, before CCTV and all the tech frenzy came in, doors and windows are the one people will be willing to pay extra dollars to keep them safe inside their home. Who wouldn’t?

Installation of railings on the windows and doors came into picture, when it comes to hinder the efforts of thieves entering into the house, as it provides extra layer of safety net before your actual doors and windows.

Which one will work best for you though?

From the aspect of materials, we recommend you use a railing that is made from steel, aluminum, or iron for durability purpose. Below I will share some of the models that will meet your security and aesthetical standard.

Minimalist Horizontal Window Trellis

Model trellis window minimalist horizontal as this will make the thief reluctant to enter into the house . This window trellis model is made of steel material so it is very strong . Trellis is a minimalist model of horizontal make reach a hand into the house difficult to pass .

We recommend that when preparing the model trellis is , you pay attention to the location between the boundary line of the horizontal between the one with the other . The ideal distance between the trellis lines is those that do not reach 20 cm. The more narrow the distance between the lines horizontally on a trellis , the more difficult also trellis to penetrate or pass .

Model Trellis Window Cross or Cross

Whether or not the safe trellis model for your house is 1 ert seen from how narrow the space or the distance between 1 ertica trellis to reach by hand . The crossed window trellis model is one of the trellis models , leaving only a narrow space for hand reach . The narrowness of space between 1 ertica trellis makes it difficult for thieves to penetrate .

Model trellis window bars or cross- mentioned also reinforce the structure of the trellis it alone . It is because between the lines trellis mutual resting and provide power extra . Besides being strong , this model is also suitable to be applied to a variety of home interior designs , including minimalist home interior designs .

Thin Vertical Trellis Door Model

If seen at a glance , the model trellis door is visible ordinary course , but not one would have thought in advance . Although the model trellis door is visible provide space motion to hand the evil to look for hinge door , but the thief will remain difficult entry into the house with the type of trellis this. You simply play the distance between the 1 ertical lines so as close as possible so that not 1 ert crossed by the hand .

You 1 ert make a door trellis with a thin 1 ertical model that the distance between the lines is only as wide as the index finger . Model trellis 1 ertical like this is very fit applied on parts door for securing hunianmu . Not only securing alone , models trellis it also gives the impression of an aesthetic of its own . To maximize safety , add curtains or curtains to the inside of the glass door .

Mixed Window Trellis Model

Aesthetics also become one of the judgment in selecting a trellis door or window that can secure the home of intent evil thief . One of the choices , you first glance at the model trellis mix which combines the model line of horizontal at once . This trellis model is widely used in minimalist or contemporary style houses.