Home Improvement · January 31, 2020

6 Inspiring Super Comfortable Reading Room Designs

If you like reading, the reading room could be the second most important room for you after the bedroom. Comfortable reading room will make you more calm doing a hobby, but it can also be a place to unwind.

If you intend to set aside a special room to store and read your collections at the same time, it never hurts to start thinking about the design of a simple reading room. There are various kinds of minimalist reading room designs that you can apply in your home. The following 8 examples you can make reference.

Reading room in the attic

If the only room left in the house is the attic, you can turn it into a reading room. Place the bookshelves on the right and left. Make a large glass window so that air circulation can work well, as well as a place to throw a view when you are tired of reading. A sofa will perfect the reading room in your attic.

Scandinavian style reading room

Like the color white or a room with a clean impression? This Scandinavian- style reading room is perfect for you. Add a gray sofa. Stacks of collection books that line the shelves will provide variations in color that seem original, but lively.

Reading corner

Instead of calling it space, this reading place is only made using one corner of the house. If you cannot provide a separate room, there is no harm in adopting this idea as a place for you to devour your collection of books.

Bookshelves as well as reading rooms

This reading room design is also very suitable for those of you who do not have a lot of space. You can design large shelves not only for storing books but also emptying the center for a soft sofa / foam. You can read without having to move far to reach the books on the shelf.

Reading room in the bedroom

Just like the previous design, this reading room idea is also very suitable for those of you who don’t have a lot of space at home. Instead of being confused where to put the collection of books, why not try to make your room as well as a reading room? The concept of this bunk bed will also save space.

Colorful reading room

Not always the reading room is sticky with soft pastel colors . If you like bright colors, this reading room design with red walls can be your reference for a more colorful and lively reading room atmosphere. You can use a similar concept to design a reading room for your children. Also add cartoon characters to make them even more enthusiastic about reading.