Home Improvement · February 2, 2020

6 Inspiring Wall Tables, Solutions For Narrow Rooms

Appropriate name , table wall is a table that is attached to the wall in a variety of methods and forms . Function table wall same as the function of the table usual on umumya , but table wall is devoted as an additional or furniture supporting activity in in a room , especially in the room were a bit small or narrow .

Wall table models are often combined with folding table models . Picks table wall that right would make room in the house is getting to work with the maximum . Yuk, direct only see six inspiration table wall selection of Kania follows this!

Desk Wall Fold that house Efficient and Beautiful

Want to have furniture that is efficient to design beautiful for your home ? You can make it happen with table wall folding multifunctional one is . Not only serves as a table , this wall table also doubles as a wall shelf . No need to worry because the counter wall is designed with a firm to carry out a variety of purposes . Uniquely , this wall table can also be folded when not in use , you know ! The look of this wall table when folded like a wall decoration .

Kitchen Extension Wall Table

Glance inspiration table wall it looks ordinary course , but there are features extension alias extension in part outside table wall that makes it aesthetically unique and functional . By design Thus , table wall it can be used as a table consul or table meal for the two of us and if it is opened again part of the extension – it can be used for a foursome . Room dining also be more comfortable without the need no additional foot table again .

Desk Wall Accredited Cabinet

This wall table can be used for two to four people. Although the size of a small and simple, but table wall it has a feature interesting that very unique because there are six drawers in the section next to the table that attaches to the wall to store the appliance cooking and furniture other, such as spatulas, knives, napkins, and more.

Not only it alone , table wall it also can be extended to the system of sliding on the part of the foot table. Certainly, this wall table remains stable and functional.

Hanging Version Wall Table

Table wall version of the hanging had not trick the new longer to get around the room were narrow and limited . Excess table wall which one it is very flexible and can be positioned in accordance desire . Without foot tables are complicated , the room so it looks more spacious and easy to be cleane , you also could put the place garbage in part under the desk wall .

With a model that is simple , table wall is very suitable to use in residential concept of minimalism. To bring a hanging style wall table at home , you only need to stick it on any part of the wall you want .

Wall Table Open Close Versatile

With the concept of opening and closing , this one wall table makes it easy for you to use it . If you have finished using it , you only need to close this wall table so that the room still looks roomy . Not only was alone , in the table the wall is also available shelf storage of large so that you can put the equipment you doing in order not scattered and kept tidy .

Modern Minimalist Wall Table

For those of you who want inspiration table wall to house modern minimalist, voyeur table wall pretty this that combines the table work, a shelf wall, and a cabinet hanging. Besides being suitable as a place to work in the house, this minimalist style on the wall table is also suitable for a small studio apartment. You only need to add seats are easily shifted course. By thus, you ‘ve got a table wall minimalist multifunctional were also interesting.