Home Improvement · January 22, 2020

6 Simple Ways To Familiarize Your Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle At Home

Some say that doing an eco-friendly lifestyle is very difficult. But it was not so anyway . Thanks to innovation and creativity that are increasingly developing in this modern era, supporting and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle has become easier to do.

Not only is it easy to do, even starting now can be from the place closest to us, namely home. Want to start an eco-friendly lifestyle? Just follow the following tips that you can do at home

Minimize waste & recycle it

6 Simple Ways To Familiarize Your Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle At Home

credit: https://www.sheebamagazine.com/

The first way to start an eco-friendly lifestyle is to get used to minimizing waste and recycling it. The garbage problem is indeed endless. This is caused by the increasing consumptive attitude of the community but not accompanied by good waste management. Therefore, recycle household waste, both organic and inorganic, to reduce the amount of waste.

Take care of the outdoor area of the house

Caring for and beautifying the outdoor area at home is said to invite wild animals such as birds and cats. Well , this could be your chance to join in feeding them. The trick is to create an area of feeders for these animals. Any home will be like an oasis for them.

Use enough lighting

It is important to provide lighting so that the house does not look haunted, not damp, and helps launch daily activities. Unfortunately, many of us often forget to turn off the lights when they are not needed though.

So start getting used to yourself and other family members to be disciplined in using lights. Alternatively, use a programmable timer to turn off the lights automatically.

Create a garden / garden

Although it does not have the soul of a green thumb aka good at farming, but still ….. designing a garden or garden at home and taking good care of it can contribute to the earth you know! Plant a few flower or plant seeds at the right time, then you can also reap and enjoy the results later.

Use eco friendly home decor

When you are looking for a special final touch to complement your home, eco-friendly decoration can also give you the perfect impression . There are so many choices of accent decorations that are environmentally friendly also interesting appearance that can be used for homes.

This kind of eco friendly decoration is usually recycled from trash and nature. That is why, by using these decorations, you have also helped reduce waste.

Repair, don’t replace

Uh, I feel annoyed if there are things or broken furniture. A small table , a torn sofa, or a broken bookshelf can actually be corrected, not thrown away and bought a new one.

Repairing things at home can make you reduce the amount of trash, you know. Even if someone tells you that you are a cheapskate, but this is one of the big steps in starting an eco-friendly lifestyle