Home Improvement · January 27, 2020

6 Wife’s Favorite Minimalist Kitchen Ceramic Design

Kitchen hygiene must be maintained at all times. Thus, dishes will remain hygienic and the kitchen more pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, often in the kitchen there are oil stains, spills of gravy, and smoke marks that are difficult to clean with a cloth. If not cleaned immediately, all the stains can potentially become crust. Well, at times like this, minimalist kitchen ceramics are needed.

Usually kitchen tiles are used to coat the countertop and backsplash area of the kitchen . Both areas are most easily dirty because they are often exposed to splashes of cooking ingredients. Not only easy to clean, minimalist kitchen ceramics will create an aesthetic appearance in a minimalist home interior and make the owner more enthusiastic about cooking.

Mediterranean minimalist kitchen ceramic design

When a wife is bored with the look of the kitchen, it does not mean you have to overhaul the overall minimalist kitchen interior design . Try changing the backsplash area with a minimalist ceramic kitchen that resembles this creamy white brick.

Take it easy, this minimalist white beige kitchen ceramic will not absorb cooking stains. The appearance was very unique with bright Mediterranean nuances. This minimalist ceramic kitchen is very suitable to be combined with brown and white kitchen utensils .

Ceramic minimalist green mosaic kitchen

The next minimalist kitchen ceramic design is a mosaic motif dominated by green. The color combination consists of dark green, light green, and white. The size of the box is small, but don’t worry about bothering to install it because the ceramic small boxes have been arranged by the manufacturer into one large ceramic piece. Thus, you only need to arrange a few big boxes.

This minimalist ceramic kitchen is most suitable for wives who want to have an aesthetic kitchen without complicated patterns. Without disturbing his appearance, his wife can still put the cutting board or ornamental plants on the kitchen cabinet.

Ceramic minimalist all-white kitchen

Many people want a white kitchen, but they also fear dirty. Fortunately, there are minimalist kitchen ceramics with luxurious white marble . You can please your wife by using this minimalist kitchen ceramic to coat the kitchen island, countertop , and also backsplash . To look more luxurious, mix minimalist kitchen ceramic designs with gold nuance water taps and elegant chandeliers . Guaranteed the wife will be happy and comfortable cooking every day.

Ceramic minimalist kitchen motif mermaid scales

Making an adorable kitchen, why not? For example, by using a minimalist ceramic kitchen patterned mermaid scales like this. The nuances remain minimalist due to the use of pastel green and white curved pattern shapes. Don’t hesitate to use this minimalist kitchen ceramic for a vintage concept kitchen!

Ceramic minimalist kitchen backsplash with pattern herringbone

If your wife likes a regular pattern, this minimalist ceramic kitchen with a herringbone pattern can be her favorite. The pattern on this minimalist kitchen ceramic resembles a rectangle arranged diagonally. Kitchen nuances are more aesthetic than the use of ceramic triangular patterns or stripes.

No need to choose patterns with many colors because one color is enough. The combination of minimalist ceramic kitchen designs with simple white kitchen cabinet models and kitchen furniture, such as glass and kitchen spices have succeeded in creating a charming appearance in the kitchen.

Kitchen island with minimalist terracotta ceramics

If the wife likes the warm nuances, you must try this terracotta minimalist kitchen ceramic. Minimalist kitchen ceramics are used on the surface of the kitchen island. Thus, you should choose a ceramic that is small in size, then choose a light brown color so that the kitchen does not become stuffy and dark.

In addition, try to combine it with white for the furniture around it. You can also add a wall clock to the kitchen as a reminder of the time when cooking.