Home Improvement · January 26, 2020

7 Creative Room Divider Designs That Don’t Spend a Lot of Money

Every room in the residence does not always have to be separated by a wall. For a more integrated or broader impression, each space can be limited by space barriers. However, underestimating the selection of the room divider will affect the final results of the presentation of the existing room. Conversely, with the right space divider not only becomes more functional but has added value in terms of visuals.

No wonder most people are not half-hearted when designing room dividers using expensive materials such as glass, iron, or others. You do not need to worry because the aesthetic and beautiful room dividers can also be presented at a cost that does not drain the bag. With a little creativity, here are a variety of room divider design choices to choose from!

Room partition made of bamboo

To liven up the natural impression, bamboo stems can be an alternative choice as a bulkhead material besides tree branches. You can arrange bamboo stems neatly or randomly with different tilt angles and diameters to present a variety of styles and atmosphere of the room.

Combine this room divider in an oriental interior style room for attractive visual harmony. Natural-style interiors can also be an appropriate alternative to present a room divider like this.

Insulate natural space with tree branches

Who would have thought that the remnants of branches and branches that are often considered rubbish turned out to be creatively transformed into an attractive space divider? You can arrange a meeting of lean branches in long plant pots so that it gives a more private impression between spaces. This partition you can place near the sofa to separate the living room and family room.

For a more open impression, you can use a larger tree branch and arrange it more loosely as a room divider. Room dividers from tree branches like this could be an option for spaces that have a natural style. Give lights or lighting from the bottom, so the shadows and light produced becomes more dynamic because of the organic formation of tree branches.

Create paralon pipe pieces for the room divider

You can also get a low- budget room divider by creating paralon pipe pieces. For tight space dividers, you can use small diameter pipe paralon pieces. Paralon pipe pieces with a large diameter you can use to partition a more open room. For example in the bathroom, especially the minimalist bathroom design .

Combining various sizes of paralon pipes can also be one way to present a modern and dynamic room divider. Not only makes the room more aesthetically pleasing, the bulkhead of the room from the Paralon is also very easy to make and certainly doesn’t require a lot of money.

Wooden box as a practical space divider

One easy and practical way to present a practical room divider is to use a wooden box arranged into a cabinet or cabinet. Give color if the wood texture of the box is felt to be less compatible with the interior of the room. However, if you have a natural interior, leaving a wooden box with its original texture will really help strengthen the natual impression of the room.

Not just a room divider, this wooden box can be a multifunctional cabinet or rack cabinet . Starting from bookshelves to display shelves where you can put various displays and also memorable photos with your family.

Room partition from hanging plants

Giving a hanging plant or a vertical garden can not only bring a fresh atmosphere to the room, but also can be an attractive space divider. Use pipes or mines to hold the long pots of plants. For more private room dividers, you can use the vines so that the leaves can become more closed room dividers.

Recycling wood plank panels into a room divider

Room insulation that is minimal in cost can also be made from wooden planks that are not used. Arrange the panels in zigzag by connecting them using hinges. After the wooden planks can stand upright, you can now use these wood planks as a room divider.

Give a hanger so that you can display wall hangings or photos of your family on a wooden paneling room divider so that your room is much more interesting.

Decorative curtain as a flexible room divider

A simple way to separate the function of space is to use curtains and curtains as a room divider. Combine color and layering or curtain layering , ranging from the color of curtains, transparent curtains, to patterned curtains in order to bring a room divider that still looks luxurious even though it doesn’t cost much. Room partition like this also makes the room look spacious .