Home Improvement · January 20, 2020

7 Things That Can Make Your Home Look Luxurious

No need to prepare a lot of budget to make the interior of the house look expensive. Only need these seven things so that your house looks more attractive.

1. Bright Color Paint

So that the house does not look boring, add light colored paint as an accent in the room. Only by changing the color of the walls can give a different impression on the whole room. But be careful in choosing colors. Stick to soft or muted colors such as pale blue, dusty pink or minty green for a wider room effect.

7 Things That Can Make Your Home Look Luxurious

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2. New Towel

Towels may be trivial objects, but can have a significant effect on the impression of home. Remove old towels that are rotted and torn. Replace towels with newer ones and the color is still good. No need to expensive but quite unsightly. Fold and store towels in the bathroom cabinet, cupboard or clothes hanger if you are still going to use it.

3. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows will make the living room or family room more stylish. You can put 4-5 decorative pillows, or according to the area of the room. Choose a sarong that has a matching color to the theme of the room. “Mix and match colors and textures, and unite them all,” advises Drew Henry of Design Dudes, as quoted by Reader’s Digest.

4. Molding

If the walls or ceiling are plain, you can make it look luxurious by adding molding. Molding is an embossed mold that is usually placed at an angle or edge on the surface of an object. “It doesn’t have to be Victorian-style molding, it can be simple forms,” said interior designer Erica Leigh Reiner.

5. Mirror

Mirror can give the illusion of a room that looks more spacious and luxurious. Large mirror will reflect behind the room so that makes it seem more relieved. While some small mirrors with fancy design frames will make the room look beautiful.

6. Bookshelves

Bookshelves don’t have to be filled with a collection of books. Besides books, you can also place other objects such as plant pots, displays, photo frames or even mugs. “But make sure the items are clean and neatly arranged,” said design expert Ana Cummings.

7. Carpet

Carpet or rug will change the appearance of the room drastically. The carpet can create boundaries between rooms without consuming space, also accentuates the design of furniture