6 Simple Ways To Familiarize Your Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle At Home

Some say that doing an eco-friendly lifestyle is very difficult. But it was not so anyway . Thanks to innovation and creativity that are increasingly developing in this modern era, supporting and adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle has become easier to do. Not only is it easy to do, even starting now can be from the place closest to us, […]

More Productive Work, Follow 7 Ways To Design Workspaces In This House

Are you planning to make a home office at home? In today’s digital age, the trend of workspaces at home is not new anymore and certainly will increase further into the years to come. Good for those of you who will use your workspace at home for a day or just a few hours a day, workspace design needs to […]

5 Secrets That Can Make A Small Living Room Look Spacious

Most ideas for manipulating a small living room to make it look spacious is to give the effect of a trick of the eye, this aims to show the room look more spacious. Such strategies can change areas that feel cramped and cramped into more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. One key is the way to maximize light and space, in […]

4 Style Arranging Bedrooms That Can Reveal Someone’s Personality

How to arrange a room can reveal a little more about the personality of people who occupy it. How about your character? Professor of psychology at The University of Texas Sam Gosling said looking at the condition of one’s room is the most effective way to recognize its nature. Because in the room you can see your identity, habits and […]

7 Things That Can Make Your Home Look Luxurious

No need to prepare a lot of budget to make the interior of the house look expensive. Only need these seven things so that your house looks more attractive. 1. Bright Color Paint So that the house does not look boring, add light colored paint as an accent in the room. Only by changing the color of the walls can […]

7 First Things That Guests Notice When Visiting The House

What is the first thing you will do before you have a guest or family visiting the house? Usually someone will prepare the best thing to be served to guests or family who will come home. Whether it’s food, drinks served, to the room that must be neat and clean. Whatever event is held, the thing that is still considered […]

5 Tips To Make The Bathroom Look Bigger

When the holidays arrive, some people prefer at home to tidy up or change the decor of the living room and other spaces, including the bathroom. Many women spend me time in the bathroom doing body treatments. However, some of them pay less attention to bathroom decor so that comfort is reduced. Bathroom that looks spacious will make you more […]

4 Tricks To Use Corner Rooms To Beautify Houses

The corner of the room is often forgotten in matters of room management. Though the area can give a more fresh and attractive feel to the house, with the right arrangement. Here are some ways to decorate a corner of the room that can be tried, as quoted by the Times of India. 1. Small Chair A chair with a […]

4 Tips for Choosing a Dining Table According to Room Conditions

One of the important furniture in the house is the dining table. This is where the whole family can enjoy the delicious home cooking while gathering and discussing light topics. For that, choosing the right dining table needs to be a concern if you plan to buy it in the near future. Determining the dining table is not too difficult, […]

5 Important Things To Look For When Cleaning Your Home

Many women who use the weekend to clean the house to make it look neater and not dusty. Some of them do not pay too much attention to the small things when doing it, the important thing is clean quickly. If you often do the cleaning in the wrong way it can accelerate the damage to property at home. Here […]