How to Cure Varicose Veins with What’s in Your Kitchen!

For years, people suffering from varicose veins been looking for that miracle cures that will put that gnarled, swelling veins back to where they belong. Tired of going to doctors and endless alternative therapy promises to bring them result, some even wonder of how to cure varicose veins in simple ways, using what they probably have at home? The Right […]

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Dogs? You’ll be Surprised!

If you’re a fur’s parent like us, making sure of their safety is probably one of main concerns we all have. Some of us choose doing this by regular vaccination. Among several options out there is the colloidal silver, along the concern that comes with it; is the colloidal silver safe for dogs?. Most of these owners often jump right […]

Here is What to Do to Help You Recover from Pain between Shoulder Blades after ACDF Surgery

Shoulder pain after spinal fusion and anterior cervical fusion surgery recovery time is just one of the reasons why ACDF surgery is never an ordinary matter we have to deal with. There are many processes in it; from preparations, the surgery itself, to recovery. In many cases, patients complain about some after effects of the surgery which is pain between […]