Home Improvement · January 31, 2020

Color Luck For Decorating Home Based Shio

The celebration of the Chinese New Year every year is always synonymous with the hope of good fortune in the future . Luck according to Chinese people’s beliefs , can be determined based on zodiac sign . Well, Dulux as a decorative wall paint brand provides auspicious color inspiration according to each sign .

Previous Dulux has introduced the trend color of the latest in the year 2020 it is Tranquil Down. In addition there is also the color of Gray Jeans which is very suitable to decorate the interior of your home to start this new decade . So what just the color of luck based zodiac , which can be applied to the home of your dreams ? The following explanation is summarized Fimela from Master Kenny Hoo , Good Feng Shui, Saturday (1/26/2020).

1. Zodiac Chicken

To better improve the luck in terms of education , career , business and bring in ideas innovative in any business that is run , Good Feng Shui recommends zodiac Rooster to decorate or paint the parts of the West home or office with color green plus a bit of the color blue .

2. Zodiac Dog

All efforts should be handled with the effort extra, care and patience that is more due to the lack of star of luck in this. Shio Dogs are advised to decorate a birthday or paint the house to improve the luck in the year of thi . Paint the part south of the house into a white and blue that can trigger the Qi that is good . Paint the part north with the color green, plus a bit of the color red or purple. Avoid the color red and brown in the area of parts south .

3. Shio Pig

To decorate reset and change the space of work and space to learn. Doing small renovations and repainting the house for work efficiency and improving study skills , and strengthen your health fortune. We recommend to paint the walls featured in part the west house , into the color green plus a bit of the color blue . because it can help to get the luck of health that is better than zodiac pig and a member of the family .

4. Zodiac Rat

Be aware of potential problems , such as gossip , or arguments in the month of April. Although the year is , Shio Mice bearing the Emperor Annual (Tai-Sui), fortunately will no star of luck that helps improve and attract a lot of the results are good . Applying color Green added a little paint color red in parts of the North, in the home and enterprise, can help improve luck over further and avoid the possibility of contention with others.

5. Zodiac Buffalo

Year is filled with events happy , like a wedding, additional members of the family , everything is running smoothly and profitable . Decorate repeated with Green added a little color blue on the walls featured in parts of the west , in the home and the company , which can help improve much further in studies , career , wealth , health , love , marriage , and good luck on the baby in the specialty of this .

6. Zodiac Tiger

From September onwards , luck will start to improve , so be patient . Can be expensive to decorate a birthday or renovate the house when it , might paint re , to enable Qi both are favorable , to be proactive attract people good and wealth Qi. Buy a new property or move to a new home . It is expected to reverse the situation and make challenges into opportunities which is good .

7. Zodiac Rabbit

Love is in the phase which is good , so that in the year it can consider a wedding or planning for pregnancy . Paint the part west with color Green and Blue to trigger the Qi that is good and to enable the return of love and relationships , as well as improving health , career and fortune .

8. Zodiac Dragon

Try to inject ideas of new and innovative to the business , career , or study time is . Make sure the Southeastern section of the house and company is always neat , bright and clean.

Paint over or decorate the part of Southeast with the color green plus blue , to enable luck studies , creativity , ideas, innovative , and to attract the opportunities a career that is good and improve the fortune of wealth .

9. Zodiac Snake

Enter the ideas of innovative new to the career and studies . Year is suitable for decorating the home or enterprise , set up the event celebration , because it can inspire energy- positive and to help resolve the challenge . Suggest to paint over part of the West in the home and enterprise , especially Green added a bit of color Blue , can activate Qi positive for career and wealth are more great .

10. Zodiac Horse

It is advisable to decorate birthday or paint the house that there ‘s more improve luck . Should avoid the color red, brown or yellow in parts of the South. Paint the walls of the features in the part South became White , Silver with the color blue can trigger the Qi that is good in there .

Paint the parts of the North in the home or enterprise mainly be Green added a little color red or purple , to help change the maker of problems be supporting the good .

11. Zodiac Goat

This year it is suitable to buy property and move to a new home . Push to renovate or decorate the house , will be a lot of Qi positive for wealth , career and health for the moment this and that will come .

Suggest to repaint the walls featured in parts of the west , especially the colors green , with little color blue , to trigger a fortune of wealth that is more substantial in throughout the year . And to more improve luck career and wealth , paint over part of western sea in a combination of colors of white , silver and blue .

12. Monkey sign

Caution and prudence extra must be done throughout the year in running the business anything else, including the activity of any sort. This year is suitable for buying real estate and moving house . Decoration and painting in ikea can stimulate luck and inspire future ahead that much better .

Over many exchanges with the group or the foreigner may attract the opportunities new in the career and studies . Years are required for the injection of creative and new elements , avoiding the rules , will be an advantage .