Home Improvement · January 24, 2020

Healthy Life By Keeping The Bathroom, Bedroom And Kitchen Clean

Clean healthy base. Your family’s health begins with the ability of members to maintain the cleanliness of the home environment. With the creation of good habits, it will automatically carry over to family members doing activities outside the home. A clean home environment makes us have our own hygiene and health standards.

When in the office, outside the home, to public facilities, the preventive and promotive attitude has been running by itself. So that health and hygiene are maintained throughout the day.

Which areas must be kept clean? At least there are 3 most important points in the house that must always be maintained, because there are more family members’ activities there: bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The following things must be done to eradicate all substances or sources that cause pain.

Healthy Life By Keeping The Bathroom, Bedroom And Kitchen Clean


The biggest risk during using the bathroom is when we make a touch to several places such as flush buttons, toilet seats, door handles, and face wash. Here are some things that need to be cleaned in the bathroom:

Clean and disinfect the toilet as often as possible to protect it from large amounts of dirt and bacteria, which can make the toilet dull and smell bad. In addition to using cleaning fluid, the use of a toilet brush is also very helpful to maximize cleaning, then dry after cleaning.

Clean a few points that are touched a lot like flush buttons, toilet seats, washbasins, door handles with disinfectant liquid. Also clean the place to wash your face and shower after every use. Use cleaners that can kill germs and dirt produced by soap and other toiletries.

Clean the bathtub before and after bathing. Dirt that we rinse from the body during a bath can be left in the bathroom and infect people who use the bathroom after us. Wash clean hands with soap after using the toilet.


If possible, keep the computer away from the bedroom. Being close to work makes you uneasy. Choose antimicrobial latex mattresses, the best choice for allergy sufferers.

Give a touch of minimal decoration. Make sure which objects should be moved or even thrown away so that the room looks more spacious and always neat. This will help emotions and make the environment more relaxed.

Putting photos and collection items that make happy memories of holidays or good things in your life, will help you sleep faster. Plasma TV in the room indeed makes the view more beautiful and luxurious. But for those who have difficulty sleeping, it’s better not to put the television in the room.


It’s time to replace objects or things that contain toxic chemicals. Can be in the form of replacing antibacterial soap, bleach, pesticides, or chemicals that harm children and animals.

Many housewives are very concerned about germs that develop in the kitchen. But using too many antibacterial products is not very good for health, as the health research community is concerned. The power of bacterial eradication is considered to be a time bomb, because bacteria will be resistant and even endanger health and not environmentally friendly.

One of the most recommended ones to be replaced is antibacterial soap, which is considered no more effective than ordinary hand washing soap or even just washing hands with water.

Organic food diets are really recommended. Currently, many foods and snacks are rumored to be contaminated with chemical poisons, additional flavorings, hormones, and antibiotics. Organic food diets can lose weight more effectively.

Replace the cutting mat or talen from glass and plastic with materials from wood and bamboo in the process of cutting food ingredients, because it can reduce the spread of bacteria and poisons. Health studies prove, plastic or glass cutting pads cause the spread of salmonella twice as much.