Health · January 29, 2020

Here is What to Do to Help You Recover from Pain between Shoulder Blades after ACDF Surgery

Shoulder pain after spinal fusion and anterior cervical fusion surgery recovery time is just one of the reasons why ACDF surgery is never an ordinary matter we have to deal with. There are many processes in it; from preparations, the surgery itself, to recovery. In many cases, patients complain about some after effects of the surgery which is pain between the shoulder blades. While it is never easy, the following suggestions should help you to recover from pain between shoulder blades after ACDF surgery.

Your Activity Might Just Worsen That Pain Between Shoulder Blades after ACDF Surgery.

Before talking further about what patients can do to recover, let’s start from the simplest thing. What you do in your daily activities take important role in your recovery process. Normally, all patients are instructed to spend their two weeks of post-surgery period to focus on gentle walking.

You can train this gentle walking at home and increase the speed as well as the walking time gradually. During the early weeks, it’s suggested that you limit any stair walking and focus on straight walking only. Since you have to limit your move, you also need to avoid any driving or heavy lifting, as well as any outside activities.

Therapy for Shoulder Pain After Spinal Fusion

After adjusting your daily activities, you can consider having therapy to boost up your recovery process. Normally, patients who have done ACDF surgery will be referred to a physical therapy with professionals to assist and help them during the recovery process.

pain between shoulder blades after ACDF surgery-Shoulder pain after spinal fusion-Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery Recovery Time

Your therapist will know the best kind of therapy you need. The therapy is supposed to boost your strength and to help managing the pain between shoulder blades after ACDF surgery. All therapists who are assigned are normally well-qualified and certified to undergo the entire process. They closely communicate and consult with your doctor, so the entire recovery process will be well monitored as well.

Anterior Cervical Fusion Surgery Recovery Time

One last thing that patients need to aware of is how soon they can back to work. Different kinds of work require different consideration as well. Patients, with any job that doesn’t deal with heavy lifting, should be able to go back to work within four to six weeks after the surgery. Meanwhile, those who deal with heavy lifting at work will require longer time before they can go back to work. They need to make sure that the shoulder blades are ready to rumble.

In sum, pain between shoulder blades after ACDF surgery is real but it is still manageable. You may need to adjust your daily activities for a while, join a recommended therapy with pros assisting you, and consider the best time to get back to work. This can be hard, but you’ll recover well.