Lebron James Hair Styles and Facts behind It

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Lebron James hair styles have been a hot topic for some times now, in addition to his outstanding achievement on his career. However, people criticize a lot on his hairstyles, and it reaches to a very uncomfortable level. Let’s see this issue on a different perspective here.

Lebron James Hair Styles and Facts behind It

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What People Think of His Hairstyle

There is a significant difference between Lebron James’ look one day and another day. Many people think that he has done hair transplant to solve balding issue. There is no official statement from James side, leaving people with nothing but their own speculations on the actual fact. We must admit that his hairstyle actually looks more like balding issue taken care of and neglected in turn.

The Possible Facts

Here is the possible thing that may be happen. Most possibly, Lebron James has issue that other male has. Probably, he indeed suffers from hair line retreating. Just for you to know, this can be an embarrassing issue for every man, especially a celebrity athlete like him. This can be the explanation why he never says anything. However, is this truth?

What His Personal Barber Says

Luckily, Marc Spears from Yahoo Sports got the chance to interview James’ personal barber, Nick Castemanos or popularly known as Slick Nick. The professional barber stated that James doesn’t have any hair issue. He doesn’t even dye his hair at all. It is just that James has a few patches that are soft and they need special care. There is no hair plug, or any other possible thing on it.

So, it is possible that Lebron James hair has balding issue, but then so what? Does it matter if he goes bald? Surely, his hair isn’t the reason behind his world class skill. It is also possible that Lebron James hair styles actually have nothing to do with hair transplant, plug, or dye. Case closed.

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