Home Improvement · January 25, 2020

Maintaining Family Health Starts From The Bedroom

Self and family health matters must be made a top priority. In addition to having a healthy diet and regular exercise, rest time must not be ignored. Apparently, maintaining family health can be started from the bedroom, ladies. How could that be? Here are some things you must know.

Cleanliness of the bedroom

Cleanliness of the bedroom must be a top priority that needs attention. Because, dust and dirt that are lodged in these areas can interfere with family health. This can cause itchy skin, allergies, irritation, to respiratory problems. So, it’s very important to clean the bedroom regularly every day to maintain personal and family health.

Maintaining Family Health Starts From The Bedroom

Mattresses that are less comfortable

Mattress that is used for years can deflate and the surface becomes uneven. As a result, the body is not supported properly and has the potential to cause pain in the back, waist, neck and joints. In addition, poor blood circulation can lead to other health problems, such as tingling, fatigue, headaches, and insomnia.

Lack of sleep can also cause moods to be less stable and affect work productivity. Before replacing a mattress with a new one, ladies can extend the life of the mattress by turning it regularly.

This method can balance the pressure on only one side of the mattress, if already deflated in certain parts, you can add foam to it or add additional wooden boards.

Choosing the right mattress is important for family health

Maintaining family health in the bedroom can be started by choosing the right mattress. This is very important, because the quality of sleep at night needs to be obtained so that the body can regenerate cells optimally.

Choosing the right mattress is not only soft, but also has a shape that can support the body perfectly and has ingredients that do not cause allergies.