Fashion · April 8, 2021

November’s Best Shapewear Wholesale Website – FeelinGirlDress

Some beauty-loving women feel that their body is a little bloated, or the fat in some places is a little loose, they will choose to shape the body through the shapewear, in order to achieve a better shape and make the body look slim and tight. Come to waist trainer wholesale, help you choose good and cheap shapewear. 

But do you know that there are some things you need to pay attention to about wearing shapewear and shaping? Improper use will have side effects. 

Note 1: It will loosen up soon after wearing it, indicating that the weight loss effect is good       

Generally, a high-quality product can last for two years. However, there are some products of substandard quality that will deform and not fit after a few months of wearing them. The merchant may tell you because you have lost weight. But body shaping underwear sewn with shape memory alloy will change with your body shape for a long time. Therefore, when your shapewear is quickly deformed, you have to suspect that what you bought is probably inferior. Cheap shapewear is not necessarily to be inferior, check on Feelingirldress, it may surprise you. 

Note 2: Do not wear the shapewear for more than 4 hours at a time 

It’s not that the longer you wear it, the better the effect. Some beauty-loving women often wear this shapewear most of the time in order to maintain their shape and shape for a long time. It has become a habit, but this does not Maintain a good weight loss effect. Under normal circumstances, experts recommend that you should not wear shapewear for more than four hours in the process of shaping, and you should not wear it every day. Wear a moderate amount so that it will not cause too much damage to the body. 

Note 3: Wear suitable shapewear 

When choosing a shapewear, you must choose a product with good air permeability. If you feel unwell, you must stop using it as soon as possible. In addition, there are many different brands of body shaping on the market, and the fabrics and workmanship are not satisfactory. Wearing close-fitting for a long time will have certain effects on the body. When choosing a body sculpt, you must pay attention: the sensitive part must be pure cotton. 

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Note 4; weight loss can not blindly rely on shapewear 

Losing weight still depends on exercise and shaping a body that satisfies you. You can’t rely on shapewear, just like losing weight can’t rely on diet. From a health perspective, exercise is the best way to get a good figure. Besides, in fact, the slender figure created by the body sculpting clothing is only temporary, and it cannot really reduce body fat and achieve the effect of weight loss.