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Practical Ways To Clean Wood Furniture At Home

Some people like wood furniture because the color is unique and offers a natural and warm feel . Various types of wood are often used as furniture , but teak wood remains to be excellent . This type of wood is known for being strong, durable, and looks luxurious.

In addition to wood teak, type of wood other ordinary used for furniture and accessories is wood mahogany, rosewood, acacia, tamarind, camphor, cedar red.

If you have furniture wood, a series of treatments should be entered into the commitment routine so that the furniture wood are held fixed in a condition fit.

Practical Ways To Clean Wood Furniture At Home

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Need to note, furniture wood is more susceptible than furniture made from another. One of them is easy to look dull if not diligently cleaned and easily scratched.

Its location also must be considered, because the rays of the sun directly will make the wood quickly dull. Drinks cold , hot , or splashes of water can imprint on the table of wood and sometimes difficult to be eliminated. So the key so that the furniture is wood remains beautifully situated on treatments that do it regularly.

Tips for cleaning wood furnitur

Preferably furniture wood cleared of at least a week once with a cloth wet with a month once the polish ( polish ). When buying furniture or accessories , ask the seller how to how to take care of him , because of the type ofwood that has been lacquered to be different ways to take care with the timber unsealed (which is natural ).

Cleaning wood which has been varnished more easily . To clean the dust , can use a feather duster feathered fine or be a good idea to wear cloth smooth like cloth microfiber.

The trick, dip the cloth into the mixture of water and soap liquid . Clean the surface of the wood and immediately dry with a dry cloth .

Do not let it dry itself because it can leave marks . This method can be used to clean wood that is not varnished .

Every few months can be cleaned with lemon oil. Wet the cloth, dripping with lemon oil a little, then clean your wooden furniture. Vaccum cleaner and small brush can be used to clean dust from carved grooves.

If you want to be practical, you can clean with wood cleaning liquid. Simply spray and wipe, then the wood immediately shiny.

But actually you can make your own cleaning fluid. The trick , mix one cup of vinegar with three cups of olive oil ( or in a ratio of 1: 3). Mix in a bottle , cover , and shake until mixed .

Rub into furniture with a cloth. Use cloth gently so as not cause scratches

Starch (cornstarch ) can also be used to clean wood . Sprinkle flour cornstarch to clean up the former palm of the hand at the furniture wood.

Hot wax dripping and dirtying the table ? No need to rub or gouge out . Heat it with a hair dryer until it melts . After that, rub or remove with a soft cloth , then wipe with a cloth soaked in a mixture of water and vinegar .

Mayonnaise can also be used to clean crayons used in wooden furniture. Apply mayonnaise, leave for a few minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.