Technology News · February 4, 2020

The Most Popular Websites with Practice Tests for Cisco 300-101 Exam Preparation

Obtaining your first Cisco certification can be stressful as it requires hard work and dedication. But when you have already earned an entry-level credential from this vendor or started your path from the Associate level, you will definitely want to upgrade your skills and get the professional one. You can do this by obtaining CCDP or one of the CCNP certificates.It depends on what certification you have already had.The most popular oneis CCNP Routing and Switching. To earn it,you need to pass the 300-101 ROUTE exam.

In this article, we will cover the best websites that you may need for your preparation for this test. But, first of all, let’s look at the exam details and its structure.

Overview of Cisco 300-101 Certification Exam

The 300-101 ROUTE exam is the first step in obtaining the 300-415 ENSDWI or CCNP R&S credentials. Another similarity is that both of them have 300-115 SWITCH as the second required test. You should know that the third exam for CCDP is 300-320 ARCH while for the CCNP Routing and Switching certificate – 300-135 TSHOOT. Thus, you can choose the path you want to follow and the certification you want. Anyway, passing Cisco 300-101 is a necessity. That is why you need to know the structure of thistest and its possible prerequisites.

The Most Popular Websites with Practice Tests for Cisco 300-101 Exam PreparationPlease note that this Cisco certification exam comprises of 45-65 questions, which can be of different types, such as simulation, simlet, testlet, drag and drop, multiple-choice, and others. You can explore all possible types of the Cisco tests on its official website and even watch the video tutorials for each of them. Therefore, you will get familiar with the question options and be prepared for the certification exam.

The time that is allocated for the completion of the 300-101 test is 120 minutes. Within this time, you need to cover 6 main topics: Network Principles (10%), Layer 2 Technologies (10%), Layer 3 Technologies (40%), VPN Technologies (10%), Infrastructure Security (10%), and Infrastructure Services (20%).

Top 4 Websites You Will Need to Prepare for Cisco 300-101 Exam

So, you know the exam objectives and the interrelation of its parts, now you need to prepare for the test. You can do it properly and efficiently with the help of the platforms that we offer you.Of all the numerous websites claiming to have the best study materials for the Cisco 300-101 exam, we sorted out the mostreliable ones.

  1. The Cisco Learning Network

This is a highly reputable website that is an ideal source for the Cisco 300-101 exam preparation. It unveils the potential exam questions and expected topics. There are different types of resources on this platform. You can find self-paced training with the focus on e-learning, video tutorials, labs, instructor-led training courses, and even free PDF files with useful information. The Cisco site also has many practice tests. Please note that even though some of the questions could be very similar to the actual exam, they are not the same. They are essentially meant to enhance your success by boosting your confidence, not by copying and pasting all the answers during the certification test.But, of course, these study materials will be helpful only if you painstakingly learn the exam objectives and follow your plan.Ensure that you do not leave any part of the curriculum.

  1. ExamSnap

We advise you to visit this platforms it is the most popular learning marketplace, which connects all the interested candidates from all over the world in one place. It offers more than 130,000 courses in 60+ languages. The huge base of 30,000,000 minutes of video tutorials and 50,000 instructors are here to help you. ExamSnap provides you with the relevant information about the available tutors and their background, all feed back from the participants, and the course review.

As for the 300-101 training course, the website offers you 30 hours of on-demand videos, 149 lectures, and full lifetime access, including on mobile and TV. The course is lab-based and you will need a basic understanding of ICND1/ICND2 or CCNA concepts to be able to follow it. The videos introduce you to the basics of creating and verifying Cisco networks with the usage of GNS3 1.x. As this training is based on practice, you will feel confident during the very exam.

  1. CBT Nuggets

This is another website that cannot be ignored. To keep the goal of being the best in developing a learning experience for the IT professionals, the platform reviews every feedback on its products. If the learning content team finds a video with a rating that is lower than 4.5, they re-evaluate it and replace as soon as possible. Therefore, their content and products can be assumed as perfect and 100% usable. On this site, you can find training videos with the experts explaining you the material in an accessible language. There are also quizzes and practice tests that simulate the very exam. Moreover, all the candidates can connect to the Learner Community or even use virtual labs to explore any technology they need. Besides, CBT Nuggets offers a 7-days free trial and team training.

Theplatform requires certain equipment to learn the Cisco 300-101 exam course. You will need GNS3 v1.x (or simulators/emulators supporting this technology in the lab) and a Cisco IOS image (12x or 15x) supported by GNS3. It will be a plus for you to have Cisco VIRL and live gear (three 2621XM routers).The 8-hour course is taught by the experienced trainer who has been working for the company since 2003. He holds many Cisco certifications and will help you understand everything you need.

  1. PrepAway

And, of course, don’t forget to check the study materials that PrepAway offers you for your exam preparation. The platform provides its learners with video tutorials, brain dumps, practice tests, simulations for self-assessment, and study guides. You can also download free exam questions in the .ETE format and check all the reviews of those who successfully passed Cisco 300-101 ROUTE


It is certainly possible to get lost in the great amount of different online sources while looking for trusted platforms and reliable websites. That is why we have compiled this list. We hope it will lead you to the right path of qualified resources and useful materials, and you will pass the Cisco 300-101 test with flying colors. Use these sites, make a good plan, and don’t forget to sleep well before the exam day. Good luck!