To Be More Comfortable, This Choice Of Sofa Models For The Family Room

To Be More Comfortable, This Choice Of Sofa Models For The Family Room

The living room feels incomplete without the presence of a soft and comfortable sofa set. Yep, the living room becomes the most important part when a family gathering. This room is a place to gather and talk with family, relatives and guests who come to stay in touch.

Therefore, carefully choosing a sofa is an important capital so that families can linger. But it must be admitted, it is not easy to find the latest model of a sturdy sofa chair so that it is durable with your family for decades.
There are at least three important elements of the sofa or chair that affect the age of use and determine comfort.

Here are the reviews:

The first element to consider is frame material. So, a framework that can be used to support a sofa using solid wood material. With this material, the sofa will look sturdy and durable.

Instead, avoid choosing recycled wood materials such as medium-density fiberboard (mdf), particle wood boards, or standard plywood. For frame construction, you must pay close attention because it can affect the comfort of the sofa.
Also avoid frames that are joined with bolts and glue, or an iron connector that holds two pieces of wood together. This method makes the frame vulnerable to broken and damaged.


Usually you will be interested in all forms of sofas with colors. But you realize that it does not guarantee your sofa will provide comfort or durable. Therefore, one other important element in choosing a sofa, is suspense or commonly known as a sofa.

Keep in mind, the suspension is the part of the sofa can support the foam by functioning to make sitting feel comfortable and a little bouncing. There are many types of suspensions used by manufacturers when designing sofas.
Generally, to check the suspension of a good sofa or not, can be by pressing the back of the sofa. From there, you can feel the reflection per, good or not.

In addition, for other sofas, the principle of sinuous springs is often used to test furniture quality. This type of suspension is made of zig zag shaped metal arranged in a row at the front of the sofa.

Foam holder

Choosing a sofa of course you need to look at the sofa seat foam. That is very important, for seat foam, there are several types of foam that are wrapped in polyester fiber material. Remember, foam has a thickness of at least 4 inches. Meanwhile, for foam that costs middle to upper will have a foam center wrapped in each foam group.

Keep in mind, the tighter the foam can form a good and durable sofa body. Conversely, avoid choosing foam that is too soft or too hard because it is uncomfortable and quickly changes shape.

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