Tricks Choosing A Dining Table For A Minimalist Home

Tricks Choosing A Dining Table For A Minimalist Home

Minimalist home design is indeed becoming a trend for a decade. In addition to limited land, many people prioritize simple functions and designs, but still look elegant. Home furnishings and minimalist design furniture such as sofas, television tables, to dining tables are also commonly found to support the feel of a simple and modern room.

The dining room, which is a family gathering place, should be made as comfortable and simple as possible. One of them is by choosing the right dining table. For Friends of Dream who are planning to buy a dining table for a minimalist home , consider the following tips.

Choose the Right Model

The main thing that must be considered when choosing the shape of the dining table is to be adjusted to the size of the dining room. Usually a minimalist dining table comes in a round or square shape, but the shape of the box is more chosen by minimalist homeowners.

Tricks Choosing A Dining Table For A Minimalist Home

If the dining room or kitchen is not too large, avoid choosing rectangular dining tables, which take up too much space. Better to use a medium-sized and round-shaped table that looks like a cafe table, to be used as a minimalist dining room filler.

Material Type

The minimalist style is often identified with the impression of vintage nan unique . To get this distinctive feel, Sahabat Dream can choose to use a combination of wood and metal. Those who want to add a traditional touch to the dining room can choose from a dining table made of teak wood that is unique, strong, and durable.

Color Selection

The minimalist concept does prioritize simplicity, one of which is influenced by the choice of the color of the dining table and other supporting furniture. Consider the condition of the room and the dining room design concept, so as to create a comfortable and neat atmosphere.

Dining table whose surface is made of thick glass can be the right choice. Besides being neutral, the impression of the room also looks more spacious. Complete with neutral colored chairs, which are neither too dark nor bright.

Dining Table Layout

Most minimalist homes usually combine a dining room and kitchen in one location, to facilitate the serving of food. It is better for Friends of Dream to choose a square-shaped dining table, which does not take up much space.

ut if you want to give the impression of a more spacious home, without any walls that limit the room, make the dining room as a barrier between the family room and kitchen . A round dining table with a transparent surface can also be chosen, because the design does not take up too much space and presents an airy impression in the dining room.

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