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What To Serve With Meatballs Instead Of Pasta

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We had meatballs last week with pasta and sauce and had lasagne last night so would like to stay away from pastatomato things. If you are in a mood for pasta and meatballs but want something other than a traditional tomato sauce i highly recommend this creamy pasta made with homemade meatballs.

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I have a pack of meatballs for tea tonight but need inspiration for something to serve them with.

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What to serve with meatballs instead of pasta. No if you want to eat pasta and meatballs then bake small ones into a cheesy oozing ovenproof dish of penne or as the romans do serve the pasta with the cooking sauce first and then meatballs. Everyones got an opinion on what to serve with meatballs and it usually amounts to a plate of pasta and tomato sauceand as delicious as spaghetti is youre really limiting yourself if thats. Like smokey turkey meatballs for example.

They go so well with meatballs improving the meaty luxurious taste. Still under the category of frying method. We all know the classic combination of spaghetti and meatballs i heart italian meatballs and for that reason i mostly serve meatballs in tomato type sauces over pasta.

20 skillet meatball goulash 21 pasta meatball soup 22 meatball pizza 23 meatballs rice gravy 24 swedish meatballs 25 meatball lasagna 26 sweet sour meatballs 27 waikiki meatballs 28 meatball calzones 29 combine 1 can cream of mushroom soup and 1 lg jar brown gravy with family size portion of meatballs. You can even mix some vegetables with the meatballs or better still stuff some in the center before frying the meatballs. The usual cooking method of cooking meatballs and vegetables is stir fry.

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